Welcome to Tranquil Soul Healing

Tranquil Soul Healing was founded by Travis Dominguez, a compassionate healer and spiritual journeyer, and offers energy healing for the mind, body and spirit. Energy healing is a profoundly peaceful and transformative experience. It washes away negative self-appraisals, stress, and the mal-ease underlying illness, to leave you feeling energized and renewed. Healing sessions are highly personalized and supplemented with spiritual guidance that is down to Earth and easy to incorporate, providing you the means to actualize the unlimited peace and prosperity that are innate to the soul-self.

Philosophy and Mission

At our core we are all souls born to experience life; to learn and achieve personal growth. We are each uniquely talented, infinitely resourceful, and fully capable of living robust, happy lives. When we recognize the grace and wisdom that is available within us, we achieve a sense of harmony. Life becomes smoother and more meaningful. We bring out the divinity within ourselves and we show others how to do the same. In tuning into the best of ourselves, we contribute to the betterment of all. My mission is to encourage realization of the soul- self through healing, as well as the cultivation of spiritual perspective.  Such a perspective empowers the individual not only to discern the opportunity for learning behind life events, but to then leverage that wisdom to create a life of joy and fulfillment.