Since childhood, Travis has always felt that there is more to us and life than of which we are aware – something hovering just upon the fringes of perception. Seeking to understand led him to explore intuition, consciousness and the spiritual nature of the self through classic texts.

In 2002, awakening the ability to consciously sense and channel energy triggered a powerful shift, and brought clarity to that feeling. His consciousness expanded, allowing him to intuitively grasp the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit, and the interconnectedness of each person to every other. Nothing is truly separate, but intrinsically connected by the flow of energy pervading all things. It is only our belief in our separation that creates disharmony, individually and collectively. It is such false perceptions that influence our health and compromise our wellbeing. It is our right to be connected, to live passionately and vibrantly.

Travis’s purpose is to facilitate healing by clearing the layers of false self-perceptions that stifle the connection to the universal flow of energy, or God, so clients can not only return to health, but also begin to realize the truly beautiful and capable spirits they are, empowering them to create the life they desire.

In this purpose he is aided by two angelic companions. They are ever present, facilitating the flow of healing energy and providing intuitive guidance, or even a laugh. A gentle reminder of theirs is that life does not need to be as serious as we make it.

Healing is Travis’s passion and he feels deeply honored to support each client in their unique journey of healing and self-discovery.