What is the basis for energy healing?

Energy healing makes use of the bio-energetic structures already present in the human body. This includes the seven major incarnate chakras and meridians that take in, regulate and distribute energy throughout the body. It might be helpful to think of this like another circulatory or organ system that exists in a solely energetic sense but that is, nonetheless, completely integrated into their corporeal counterparts. The aura is also part of this energetic system, functioning to store information, aid in regulating what comes in and out of the system, and giving an overall view of the individual’s health and state of being.

As a result of their interconnectedness, disruptions to the energy system can, overtime, manifest as the various forms we are more familiar with. By clearing away these distortions and allowing energy to re-establish its natural flow, the body and mind heal – it is a return to a sense of wholeness and peace with the capacity for physical restoration.

What can I request a session for?

Energy healing has a broad impact because it treats the energetic core of the condition rather than the symptoms. Energy healing can requested for a number of conditions, ranging from physical ailments to emotional and psychological distress, relationships, or just to enhance your overall well-being. My purpose is to merely be a channel through which healing energies flow to you to achieve the type of healing you desire. In the past, clients have requested healings specifically for weight loss, acute illnesses, chronic aches, pains, and muscular complaints, to assist recovery following major medical procedures, or to ease the release of unhealthy emotional attachments and thought patterns. If you are unsure if energy healing is for you, please feel free to send a message.

What is a session like?

On a surface level, healing sessions are very peaceful and relaxing. The atmosphere is one of support, non-judgment and nurturing. During the session, you may experience several healing sensations including heat, muscular twitches, tingling, vibrations, electricity, or magnetic pulsing. You may also observe intuitive images playing across your mind’s eye, experience feelings of emotional release, or an inexplicable sense of moving deeper within. The experience varies from person to person and even the same person may have different experiences each time.

What should I do before the healing session?

In the days leading up to a healing, I recommend tuning into your mind and body and note recurrent thoughts and sensations. Be mindful of how you feel as this is a very important intuitive clue. Meditation is also helpful if you are familiar with it. Lastly, get plenty of rest the day before and ensure you have restful time available following the healing.

What should I do after a session?

Your body will continue to work with the healing energy provided up to a few days after the actual treatment.
  • Avoid strenuous activity, physical or emotional, following the healing as this may reduce its effectiveness
  • Drink plenty of water to aid in cleansing and avoid alcohol
  • Meditate if you know how and would like to (if you are unfamiliar with meditation I can provide a simple technique)
  • Be mindful of any sensations and where they occur within your body
  • Engage in journaling to help you process the experience
Healing can facilitate significant emotional release. If you have any concerns after your session feel free to contact me.


Privacy Policy

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