Healing Method

Happily, there is growing interest in holistic therapies from the public. A cursory Google search may reveal any variety of methods that foster healing within the self and others, such examples may include Shamanism, Aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Healing Touch, or Reiki, to name a few.

My particular mode of healing incorporates energy methods along with guidance from spiritual beings like angels and guides. It involves channeling energy into affected areas of the body and mind, the incarnated seven chakras, and the aura or energy field. Underlying it is the principle that you are a vibrant being with a dynamic nature and innate ability to heal yourself. Illness is represented by distortions in the flow of energy within the mind and body that inhibit its ability to heal. This is similar to the accumulation of tension in muscles that can, over time, impair function and cause pain.

My purpose in any session is simply to be a facilitator of energy, allowing it to move from higher sources (God/The Universe/The Creator/The Divine/Higher Power) and through me to you, however it is needed most in order to clear blocks underlying the mal-ease. As a result, you will begin to feel peaceful, collected and solid, pain evaporates and the mind and body begin to heal themselves, empowering you to live deeply and potentially more thoroughly.

I am often aided in this work by spiritual beings – primarily two angels that have been constant companions of mine for a number of years. Their guidance manifests itself by drawing my hands to the different areas around the body and aura that need healing, providing a “boost” of sorts to the frequency of the energy being channeled, and by providing intuitive information meant to enhance healing. Additionally, your own guides, loved ones passed, and angels may appear to lend a hand. When this happens, a comforting and nurturing presence is usually felt close by. Any intuitive information received will be communicated to you to enhance your healing.

What can be healed?

Energy healing can be requested for a number of conditions, ranging from physical ailments to emotional and psychological distress, relationships, or just to enhance your overall well-being. My purpose is to merely be a channel through which healing energies flow to you to achieve the type of healing you desire.

In the past, clients have requested healings specifically for weight loss, acute illnesses, chronic aches, pains, and muscular complaints, to assist recovery following major medical procedures, or to ease the release of unhealthy emotional attachments and thought patterns. If you are unsure if energy healing is for you, please feel free to send me a message.

Energy Healing Options and Rate

Energy healing sessions last approximately one hour and may be conducted either in person or over distance. If performed in person, sessions are conducted in low-lit and quiet settings with the client fully clothed. If performed over distance, they are conducted via Skype or over the phone, and clients are responsible for ensuring their comfort in a quiet space.

Over distance healing is usually requested in the event that the individual is not within reasonable distance to the Tranquil Soul Healing office, or is unable to travel due to restrictions which may or may not include illnesses. Distance healing may also be requested by a client simply to remain within the comfort of their home. Regardless of your proximity to me, the client simply needs to be open to receive and they will.

$100 per session. Payment may either be in cash or using a debit/credit card.

A Typical Energy Healing

All energy healings will be conducted with sincerity, an attitude of non-judgment and with the utmost regard for your wellbeing and personal growth.


If an in-person session is requested, please arrive a few minutes early, wearing comfortable clothing. During the appointment, we will discuss the purpose for the healing and any questions or concerns. Afterwards, you will simply relax on a massage table and tune into your breathing while I take care of the rest.

There will be a brief post healing consultation for us to touch upon the experience and any intuitive information received in the course of the healing. I will close by providing helpful suggestions for making self-adjustments to further promote healing. I will also provide a recommendation for subsequent healings depending upon the condition. It has been my experience that more than one session is usually required, but this number varies from person to person. Healings are often spaced at least a few weeks apart to give ample time for the healing and self-adjustments to maximize improvement.

Over Distance

Over distance healings will follow the same basic format outlined for an in-person healing. The main difference is that the session will be conducted over Skype or over the phone. My contact information will be provided prior to the session. Please make arrangements in advance for a quiet, undisturbed length of time so that you are able to more fully relax and wholly enjoy your healing experience. I recommend a comfortable place to sit or lay, such as a bed or couch. If comfortable furnishings are not available in the same room, that is not a problem. You may step away and return at an agreed upon time for the closing consultation.

Disclaimer: Please note, although effective, energy healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine nor does it constitute a medical diagnosis or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any symptoms or concerns you have and only seek energy healing as a supplement to their recommendations. By requesting energy healing services, you acknowledge this disclaimer and agree Tranquil Soul Healing, its owner, administrators and affiliates will not be held liable for adverse medical or health-related outcomes.