Energy Consciousness

All is comprised of energy, including yourself. Energy Consciousness shares the principals of energy work and cultivates the ability to consciously perceive energy, as well as how to channel it for self-healing and personal growth. Explore in-depth techniques for grounding, centering, chakras, energy fields, shielding and healing.

$75/hour session

Intuitive Foundations

Learning to follow your personal intuitive messages opens the way for miraculous things. Intuitive Foundations provides guidance for developing intuitive awareness and exploration, acknowledging the gifts that dwell within. It provides you with techniques that enable you to begin recognizing these subtle messages, utilize your body’s wisdom, and actively shift into intuitive states.

$75/hour session

Personalized Meditation

Meditation has been utilized for a number of benefits, including: stress reduction, release of tension, lowers blood pressure, improves immune health, re-energizes mind, body and spirit, and promotes creativity. Learn about meditative practices and how to leverage meditation not only for health, but also for achieving personal goals. End the session with a practice technique focused specifically on your goal.

$25/hour session